If you have a septic system, it is important that you take the time to educate yourself about it. One of the areas that you want to be well-educated on is the signs of potential problems with your tank. Knowing what these signs are will allow you to call in a professional and catch any potential problems before sewage overflows into your yard or the drains in your home. Here are the top four signs that there may be an issue with your septic system.

Your Drains Are Clogged

One of the first signs that something may be wrong with your septic system is one or more clogged drains in your home. If your drains begin to slow down, you will want to try to clear the drain. There are many ways you can do this, including using a plunger, a snake or pouring hot water down the drain.

If home remedies do not clear the clog or your drain clogs repeatedly, it may be more than a simple clog caused by hair, food or soap. When your septic system is not draining or is full, it may back up into your drains and cause symptoms that mimic that of a clog. 

There Are Foul Smells in the Yard

Another sign that is indicative of potential problems with a septic system is foul smells in your yard. Typically, these feces-like smells emanate from your septic tank and the pipes that lead to and from the tank. The smell may travel further on windy days.

If you are in your yard and begin to smell foul smells, there is a good possibility that something is not right with your septic system. This could be caused by a crack or leak in the pipe, a full tank or a tank that is not properly draining. 

Changes in the Grass Above Your Septic Tank

One of the signs that you may see if you do not tend to potential problems with your septic system in a timely manner is changes to the grass that is located directly above your septic tank. If your septic system begins to overflow, the material that is in the septic tank will leak out. Often, the roots of the grass above the tank will absorb this matter.

If a large amount of fecal matter is leaking from your tank, the grass located above your septic tank may become greener. This is because your waste is fertilizing it. If the material leaking from your tank has a high acid composition from cleaning chemicals, soap or urine, the grass above your tank may turn brown or suddenly die. When the grass around your tank suddenly changes and looks different than the grass around the rest of your yard, this is a clear indication that something is wrong with your septic system. 

You See Puddles in Your Yard

The last sign that indicates that something may be wrong with your septic system is puddles in your yard. These puddles may be liquid or may contain waste or fecal matter in them. You will often have other warning signs before this occurs, but if they are missed or ignored, this will be the outcome. 

If you notice puddles forming in your yard which have not been caused by rain or sprinklers, you need to call out a septic repair company right away. They will need to neutralize and clean up the waste before they can begin the inspection and repair process. 

If you have a septic system and you notice clogged drains, foul smells in your yard, puddles forming in the yard or changes to the grass near your septic tank, you should have your septic system inspected. There is a good chance that something is amiss with your system, and if the problem is ignored, sewage can spill over into your yard or your home. If you are in this situation, American Rooter & Septic Tank Service can help. Contact them today to schedule a septic system inspection for your system.